Don’t be a Baby!

John 3:3

3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

Most people understand this thought, or at least the concept of it. Jesus is talking about being born in the Spirit. Any time something is born, something has to die in order for it to be born. The seed dies for the plant, the egg dies for the person, and the person’s worldly will dies for his Spiritual birth. We have to die to self or give up what you want to do, and do what God wants you to do. We can’t make room for God in our lives if we don’t get rid of things. Being born again, is more than just saying a prayer. You have to believe it. And if you believe it, than you will change the things you have been doing that aren’t in God’s will.

Too many people don’t truly get past this stage. They say the prayer because they are old enough, or are pressured to do so, or are trying to fit in to the crowed. They don’t understand what it means. We have to make sure people are cared for spiritually after they are born again. This is the number one failure of Christians today. They don’t grow in Christ. Just like a baby grows in it’s body, we must grow Spiritually. If a baby stopped growing, we would know something was wrong and take it to the doctor to fix things. One of the first things the Doctor will ask is, what are you feeding it? So when we apply this question to our Spiritual lack of growth, we find what we are putting in isn’t very spiritually nutritional. If all the baby ate was snacks and pop it would not grow the way it should. So why do we think it is going to be any different with our souls. Would you only eat once a week? So why do we think going to church on Sunday is the only thing we need to do spiritually? Your soul can survive but it can’t grow. We end up staying spiritual babies, instead of growing in God.

We CHOSE to stay babies, dependent on everyone else to do everything for us. Not willing or able to do the work needed done. The work or “Food” I am talking about is reading the word, praying, fellowship with other Christians, & helping others. All these things and some others are like Spiritual vegetables, full of the stuff you need to grow healthy and strong in Christ. Just as when you eat right and take care of your body, you body changes for the better and you feel good. The same thing is right for your spiritual body. The better you take care of it, the stronger you will be. Never forget that Christ is the bread of life and living on him will make you strong.