Actions can be costly

James 1:19-26

James makes quick note that our conduct in this world is paramount to our growth with God. Take a lesson from God himself. How much listening has he done for you? You are comforted when others listen, so make sure you are Truly listening to people, not just giving them advise.

Anger can come up so fast, why is that? Well, the devil knows if we have time to think it through, it wouldn’t be as bad, and we would have better control of ourselves. The sudden onset of intense feelings make us do and say things that we would never do under normal circumstances. Controlling this takes time and practice. Only by Gods own hand do we find peace in the face of adversity. So seek him out and ask, daily, for peace. we will still find ourself getting mad but with him, we will be able to control, step back, and think things through. Eventually getting to where things stop bothering us as much or at all.

Faith without actions is pointless. In verses 22-26 James explains that we can’t just listen to his word, you have to live it. We can’t expect to come to Christ and still do all the bad things we did before. What would be the point of him dying for us, if we won’t give up some bad habits for him. Sins are things we do that are wrong. Transgressions are things we do that are wrong, and we know they are wrong when we do them. When we are about to do something and we hear that little voice in our head, reminding us that this is wrong, that is God telling us to stop. Yet, 9 times out of 10 we don’t listen, because our desire for that thing is stronger than our desire to be with God. When we start to listen to God, our every day actions will start to change. Like saying a kind word to someone just because they are there, and eventually doing so without even knowing we are. It will become natural to us. When we reside in him, only good things come out. So, if there are bad things coming out of us, i.e.: habits, swearing, anger, lying, we are spending time in bad things to begin with. Think about this, if we only get his word on Sundays, he is only putting 1/7 in and the world is putting 6/7 in. The world will win 6 times before God wins once.  We have to stand up and refuse to accept those odds!

Your Challenge This Week:  Don’t let God be the minority!

Find a way to get God in your life every day, i.e.: Read his word as much as you can, listen to a christian radio station in the car, go to a Wednesday night service, or watch a preacher on tv while eating breakfast. Anything you can do to get him in more.


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