What is Prayer?

We all have been taught that we are to bow our heads and say prayer and that is all there is to it. Prayer, in this sense, is just us directing our comments to God. It doesn’t allow much for a conversation, which is back and forth. If all we say is “Bless this food, or be with those who are ill and thank you for all we have, Amen” At that point you “hang up the phone” and God has no chance to talk to you, or at least you stop listening.

Prayer, in its entirety, is the communication & relationship with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – pray continually, – This does not mean spend your entire life on your knees in meditation. That would be impossible. This means, be in constant contact with God. As you go about your day, be open to him, search for him in everything. You would be amazed how many ways he talks to us. The more you listen and converse with God; you will begin to reflect that in all your other relationships.

Our relationship with God becomes the basis for all other relationships to build on. No one knew this more than Jesus. Jesus was, in all intensive purposes, God himself in human form. Yet, he still communicated with God.

 He had daily times of solitary prayer (Luke 6:12; 9:18).

He had prayer with his small group of friends (Luke 9:28; 22:39-46).

He had prayer with people that had special needs (John 11:41-44).

He had prayer through weekly worship with others at the synagogue (Luke 4:16).

He had an attitude of constant openness to God’s presence in the midst of life (John 12:27-29).

 You would think that Jesus, being God himself, wouldn’t need to pray. Why would he have to talk to himself? One reason is the fact that he was human. He took human form and all the restrictions that came with it. This meant that while in the world he needed that contact with God to reenergize, just like we do. The other reason, and I think the main one, is to show us, how we are to pray and have that relationship with God. If we are always seeking Gods council, and his will, we will not stray. It’s hard to loose someone when they are always beside you.

If Prayer is our relationship with God, and we are to “pray constantly” then we should be actively working on that relationship, just like we would with our spouse or friend. We should long to be with him, or want to talk to him anytime we aren’t able to. Just like you spent hours on the phone with your high school sweet heart talking about nothing, that is how we should be acting about God. No, there is nothing we can do to gain his favor, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Just because we already have the grace that Jesus died for, doesn’t mean we can part ways and never spend QUALITY time with God. Prayer is not for God to get to know you more. He knows the number of hairs on your head, no one knows you better. Prayer is for you to get to know God better.

I heard someone say once, “I start my prayer when I get up in the morning, and don’t say Amen until I go to bed.” What he was trying to say is, he keeps an open communication with God all day. I want to make sure you understand that the conventional way we pray is perfectly fine. We all should have that quiet time with God, tell him our needs, and ask for blessings. I just want you to realize not to stop there, there is so much more.

 Your Challenge This Week: Seek

Seek his consult more. Put forth the effort to know him more.


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