Foundation of Discipleship 1 of 9


There are 9 parts to the foundation. Love, Faith, God’s Word, Prayer, Worship, Trust, Study, Action, and at the center is Jesus. Without the center, anything you would build on it would collapse in on itself. There are 4 corner stones that make it possible to build on and 4 side stones helping complete the foundation. All of these you must have, in order to be a successful disciple. The foundation looks like this:









God’s Word

 I’m going to talk about each one individually, in this series, coming up in the next few weeks. This week we will start with the center stone, Jesus. Jesus is the center of all Christianity. You cannot be a Christian without having him in your heart, which is your center. The center stone, not only keeps the whole building from collapsing in on itself, it also touches every other block. In doing this, it ties everything together, creating one foundation. Without it, the rest would just be useless stones in the ground. Just as, if you don’t have Jesus, you can do everything else in the foundation, but it will be useless.

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

By believing in Jesus, we secure the only way to eternal life in heaven. If you don’t have him at your center, you are living in a world, that’s not worth living. You have nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to, and no help to get through this cruel world we call life. Jesus shows us the path, through him, to get to heaven. This is the way. Jesus teaches us how we are supposed to act towards God and others. This is the Truth. Jesus gives us eternal life in heaven. This is the life.

John 10:9

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture

The “gate” in towns in those days, would have been the only way in or out of the city. Guards were set up to keep the bad out, and the good in. This is what he does for heaven, Jesus is the guard. He will also do this for you. When you let Jesus into your heart, he will keep the bad from entering. Anger, greed, lust, selfishness, and many more, will have to leave you. This makes room for Jesus to keep bringing in the faith, love, and kindness that helps you grow in him. Everything you do has to go through the gate, and be checked by the guard, and if something isn’t right, Jesus sounds the alarm.

There are three basic things people say about Jesus, when they don’t want to believe. He was just a good person or teacher, He was a liar, or he was crazy. Jesus couldn’t have been just a good person or teacher, or even just a prophet simply for the fact that he said he was the son of God. Simply put, if he said he was the son of God and he wasn’t, than he would be a liar, not a good person. Jesus couldn’t have been a liar either. If he was a liar, he wouldn’t have had the ability to do all the miracles he was able to do. God would not have given him the power to work these miracles in his name, when he wasn’t from God. Jesus couldn’t have been crazy either. If he was crazy, he wouldn’t have been able to outwit the Pharisees so many times, let alone predict his death and resurrection well before it happened.

 The belief in Jesus alone will hold up the structure of your life, but without the rest of the blocks, your building will begin to sag and one attack from the enemy could topple it, causing you to lose the life before you have a chance to enjoy it. Now, I firmly believe that, once saved, always saved, but the problem we face, is that a lot of people believe they are saved when they don’t truly believe in him, and make him their center. They believe the concept, and that is how you get to heaven, but they believe more in the religion than Jesus. They believe if they do certain thing, then they will be accepted. Once you truly make Jesus your center, you can’t go away from him. You fill up with all of his wonder and nothing can draw you away from that. You are spiritually melted into him, so that no one can tell the difference between him and you, therefore, becoming one being.

 Jesus has to be the center of everything we do. With him everything can be accomplished, without him nothing can be done. So instead of trying to fit him into your life, build your life around him.


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