God likes Dominoes

I’m sure at one point or another everyone has seen those people that set up the long trains of dominoes and then with one slightest push on the any one of them, they all come down. As I look through life, you can see those types of chain reactions everywhere. Some people call it the “Butterfly Effect”. Ever little thing you do, every choice you make, there is multiple consequences that stem as a result of that. We make changes to the world just by being here every moment.

Just imagine, if we can change the world by just being here, what can God do? He created the world and sets up those chain reactions. However, what happens when we, as Christians, aren’t following the will of God. He sets up his dominoes, starts the chain reaction, and then we step out of line. If you ever have seen one of those reactions, you know if you remove one piece the ones after it do not fall.

So many times we not only don’t follow Gods word, but most of the time we don’t even listen. This takes away our chance to be the instrument of God, or worst yet, what if you were the last piece? What if you were supposed to get the blessing he was pouring out? You miss it. All because you were too busy to listen to what God is telling you to do. The, of course, we stand around complaining of what everyone else has and we don’t. We wonder why God doesn’t bless us. Well, you wont see the flowers if you don’t open your eyes, and you won’t get blessings if you don’t heed to Gods word.

God dominoes will continue to fall, he will just have to skip over you and push another one to start it again, but I don’t want God to have to skip over me. I don’t want God to have to do more because I wasn’t willing to even listen or follow simple instructions. Spend time every day listening for what God wants you to do. Ask him for guidance, and most importantly, do what he asks. Be God’s domino!