Problem Eliminator 2000

 What if I told you there is a something that could take away all your problems. What would you pay for this? $10,000? The price of a small car would take all of your problems away. How about $5,000…. No, I bet you would go for it if it were $1,000. But wait, if you act right now, I will show you how to use a common household item to take care of all of your problems without any cost to you! (Approved credit does not apply).

If there was a product that could take care all of your problems, what would that be worth to you? It, of course, would be different for all of us depending on how many problems we have and how big they are. I bet most people would give thousands if not millions to get rid of their problems. And they would not bat an eye about paying it either. Why not, if you’re not going to have anymore worries? So, as your thinking about a life with little to no worries, and paying every last penny you would ever have to get it, might I suggest getting this life for free? Yes we can have this life for free and the instructions on how to do this is in a wonderful invention called the Bible.

God promises to take care of us, and Jesus says his burdens are lite and There is rest for the weary. It is important to note that it doesn’t say that there are no burdens, and that you will never get weary. You will have problems, but God promises to take care of them, if you would just trust in him to do so. This is where most people fail. They can let go of control long enough for God to do anything. We would gladly line up and pay millions for something to do the very thing God is willing to do for free, but we have the hardest time giving it up to the one being that controls the universe. Please take that step, take that leap, or take what ever you need to, in order to trust in the Lord. When you do, you will be so happy, and you will learn to trust deeper and deeper. Soon, you might even trust in the Lord enough to let him control your whole life!?!?!? I know scary huh? But this is the only way to find true happiness, which is what we are actually seeking anyways.


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