You are Going to Fail!

Matthew 18:7
Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!
Yes, in our lives we will fail. No matter how good we are or how close to God we get, the fact is we just don’t measure up and we will do wrong. We, then, find ourselves feeling low and worthless. Not that we are low and worthless, although all things next to God are, but we just have those feelings that make us discouraged. This is when satan does his best work. He will use those feelings to make you give up. He will make those feelings intensify, if we let him, and this will hold you back. We, so easily, get fearful of failing so much that we won’t even try. Which is a sure way to fail in it’s self. But being that we think we will fail anyways, at least this way we are choosing how we will fail.
We have to look at these times as battles. We are in a war. Where we are fighting for God, and when you stumble satan wins the battle. When we don’t get back up and fight for God again, that is when we are defeated.
Luke 1:37
For no word from God will ever fail
God tells all of us that we are to make disciples of all nations. What Jesus was saying is that you are his soldier, and you are now going to be fighting in the war. And the war is not over until you give up. If we get discouraged and shy away from God plan for us, due to fear of… whatever, then satan has won the war in your heart. I’m not saying that you will go to hell, just that in this content of the “war” setting you are good for nothing. We either march forward or we fall dead. What good is it to live if we won’t live for the purpose we were created. God wants us to fight for him. He want’s us to spread his word, and if you are not doing that, than you have surrendered. It don’t make you any less on his side, it just makes you less useful.
Just remember that none of us are perfect. If any of us were, we wouldn’t need Jesus. So when you stumble and fall, know that, although you need to correct your actions, you will be forgiven, so get back up and start swinging again. Never give up! Never surrender!


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