About Me!

I am 31, been married for 13 years, and have a 6 yr old daughter.  God has given me a verosious appitite for Christian books. Whether fiction or non-fiction. Please check out my Books page to get or give suggetions.

I have excepted God’s call to the ministry. I have only taken the first few steps, but I am excited to see where he will lead me. This blog is just one way for me to not only get his word out, but start to learn how to explain his work so that people can use it.

I have along way to go, but I see him working in my life everyday. I have purposely left out any identifying info about me, for I am just the vessle. God should get the credit for this blog, it is his word after all! Whether I am male or female, what my occupation is, or what my name is shouldn’t make a difference. I am either spreading his truth or not.  

Thank you for your interest!
May God Bless You!

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